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Update by user Aug 01, 2013

COSS and STEi are fraud institutions. They were keeping silent for some times in fear.

Now they have again started to run their *** stories back by cheating students.

Guys beware about them.... Thank you to all

Original review posted by user Jun 26, 2013

I would like to complain the fraud institution STEi and COSS. STEi in a Singapore college which is providing 3 months studies and 6 months internship. The Principal marketing agent Rohan Rubera and his team is owning a private agency called COSS located in India, Sri Lanka and now Malaysia. They talk fraud and cheat students and Educational agents.

Usually when there is 3 months studies and when they promise 6 months paid internship, there are many students who are not getting it. They are returning to their country hopeless paying 5500 $ + for nothing.

These people are also cheating lot of agents and not paying their commission payment for last year and this year. They have lot their good agents and now posting scam on Face book to get new agents and students. Lot of agents and students have been cheated with app fee and commission and they had to pay from their own pockets to find some other options.

Please AGENTS and STUDENTS, be aware of them do not fall to their false promise.

Monetary Loss: $7850.

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Galkissa, Western Province, Sri Lanka #749487
Hey..Last week i saw one of their advertisements on the newspaper so I too did call up onto one of the numbers listed in it. And as a lady speaks about the 'Course' that they intend to provide their students,I was very much interested in it.So once i inquired her for further more details,she said she'll refer me to their so called 'MD Sir'..So since then everyday I've been calling her as I didn't get a proper response..and always the reply was "Can i call you in 5 min?".

So i knew that something fishy was going on,so I still did call their other branch.What i got to know is that the ones who spoke on the phone didn't know a clue about what I was asking for. So my point was proven correct.Its simply FRAUD!!

PLS BE AWARE OF THESE Bi*****!!! :( :eek :eek
STEi COSS Cheaterss............... :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek
There are cheating students. Soon their Edu trust will be cancel and they need to be behind the bars. :eek :eek :eek
Yes now they are making lot of spam post online. Rohan Rubera sucks. :p
Money suckers COSS and STEi. :eek :eek :eek
Kerala, Kerala, India #685352
jsdhjsdhjsdh :zzz
Singapore, Singapore, Singapore #684167
Why dont these STEi and COSS never realize we are also human???????? We are not animals to sell.

Dont they realize how every one's family suffer??? :( :( :( :(
Singapore, Singapore, Singapore #684161
I had bad experience with STEi and COSS. My Father found from his friends that some thing going wrong.

So we applied through another agent leaving COSS. Right now I am fine in Singapore. I see many STEi students suffering.

Thank Jeasus you are always with me.... :roll :roll :roll
to Jerry #979354

May I know you are in which institute now?

I am Usha from India. I really had a bad time with STEi and COSS.

I was recruited from Indian Mumbai COSS office and brought to STEi Singapore.

Really bad service and I have lot lot of money. :sigh :sigh
Their smiles are only until collecting payment. after payment their smiles vanish.

Money sucking COSS and STEi. :eek :eek :eek
I am Usha from India. I really had a bad time with STEi and COSS.

I was recruited from Indian Mumbai COSS office and brought to STEi Singapore.

Really bad service and I have lot lot of money. :sigh
STEi really sucks. They are having an agency called COSS to collect agents and students.

Specially they are marketing to collect many students and just collect money. Never bother about education. They are also just showing students and calling for work and etc. So students also come with out knowing the background.

Guys please choose good school running well with good records. :)
I am right now studying in Singapore. Actually last time when I went Singapore my friend invited to his hostel.

I saw many STEi students had no internship and were cheated. I never apply there. I applied a good 4 year edu trust school and having good life . STEi got only 1 year Edu trust.

Guys dont choose STEi because they may close down soon because lot of issues . Later your certificates are not valid.....

Choose only 4 year Edu trusted schools. :roll :roll :roll

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The worse school I every saw in Singapore. They are doing cheating business..........

NOT EDUCATION........... :eek :eek :eek

There was a funny incident in STEi one of my friend from Hostel who was studying in STEi was about to get internship. So they told you need to do house keeping.

So they got sign the contract and etc... At last what happen is he was left in a small hotel and there One Singapore local lady will make the room, and this guy only need to clean the toilet.

When he complain they say that he is new and can allow to clean room after some time. For the past 5 months he is cleaning toilets hahaha :grin :grin :grin :grin
Singapore, Singapore, Singapore #678404
They are running a contract with local Dish washing bosses. You go Singapore and you can find lot of Indians and Sri Lankans from STEi cleaning sh.it places and toilets. :eek :eek :eek :eek
Sorry guys, the people who cheated were Rohan Rubera and his guys. They took 100 000 RS Indian money from each of us extra than College fee. :( :( :( :( :(
Singapore, Singapore, Singapore #675811
Now we know who do all this. Rohan Sir explained to us. They did the same on Face Book under name call "Paul Jonson" try to damage Rohan Sir, STEi and COSS. Today that page has been beaned. They wrote to CPE, MOE and many others. They all know who is this Stella and Rakesh from Carrier & Options. (Because all most every school in Singapore have BLACK LISTED them)so they failed that as well. :eek :eek :eek

Now they are trying to damage Rohan Sir, STEI, and COSS and that is a Dream. The whole India, Sri Lanka knows this 3 triple Gems.

Finaly, Stella M'am try your jokes next time again. You are a Big time Axxxxle. We know now your character as well. Try and be only with Rakesh with out giving your Axxxs to every one for Money.

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